Animal Art, Power Animals, Animal Symbolism, Animal Spirit Guides

Written by Kiara Dixey

I love to paint animals. As I strive to translate the beauty and individuality of an animal or bird into a painted image, be it domesticated, wild or mythical, I feel a connection with the essence or spirit of the animal just as I do when i paint a human portrait. There is much symbolism attached to animals..the lucky hare, the wise owl, the playful dolphin, the magical unicorn, the butterfly and transformation, the dragon and creativity, the serpent and Kundalini Energy…Animals appear in our lives and in dreams visions and journeys as spirit guides and helpers. A frindship with an animal is a true blessing. I have been painting and drawing animals and birds my whole life and love to paint people’s animal friends as well as wild animals. You will see many animls and birds represented here on my website, … I undertake commissions for animal portraits on canvas and even on rocks, so if you would like a portrait of your pet then get in touch with me at