Written by Kiara Dixey


Arionrhad, Celtic Goddess of rebirth, fertility, and the weaving of time and fate. People have asked me to exlain the symbolism in my interpretation of Arionrhad. I did not plan any of the symbolism but painted what came to me as the painting unfolded, as usual. I think the imagery speaks for itself- the green fronds in the background form a portal to to the dimensions of time and fate. The children and flowers represent fertility and rebirth, the solar wand is bright power, the owl i associate with wisdom, death and rebirth. The white wolf is her friend and guardian spirit.
Deities, gods and goddesses, angels- these archetypal beings are fascinating. Each of us may resonate with one or more of these spirit archetypes, recognising deep primal patterns within our own beings.
Most cultures have a deity or several, whom they worship, be they tribal people of forest or plains, or those of ‘civilised’ lands. I have come to understand that when people offer their devotion repeatedly towards these gods and goddesses, these archetypal beings, visualising them, adoring their image, and praying to them, something real and powerful is formed in the void of creation that is posessed of an energetic body. And when love and devotion is offered up to these beings over and over again their particular energy may become potent and able to respond in a variety of ways according to the particular grace or power attributed to them. And perhaps when certain gods and goddesses fall out of fashion, that energetic entity loses power and fades. Just a thought.