Children’s Portraits

Written by Kiara Dixey

Ava Rae

Children’s Portraits are one of my specialities. Please do get in touch with Kiara Dixey by e-mail, if you would like a portrait painted of the child or children in your life, lovingly rendered in oils. I can work from live sittings and or photographs. For portraits of children and other humans, also animals please feel free to connect with me via email. The human face is a rich and fascinating landscape where the tiniest adjustment of light or shadow, the smallest line or curve, can dramatically alter the expression and mood of the portrait. Under the surface of the face are the muscles which create expression and form, and beneath the muscles,the skull which informs the basic structure of the face, the cheekbones, depth of eye sockets and so on.
Through these physical attributes the individual spark of the personality and soul find expression, especially in the mouth and eyes.